1.  Will Cart Source shopping carts fit with the shopping carts I already have?

  • The shopping carts offered by Cart Source nest perfectly with the most popular models offered by other Canadian manufacturers.  Our original six models of shopping carts represent the models currently used by over 80% of the Canadian market.  However, we will also make new models to address our customer’s specific needs.


The following cart comparison matrix can help you determine which Cart Source model would nest with your current fleet.

CART SOURCE Canada Cart/Americana Cari-All
Model 3R Model 30 Model 909.003
Model 4R Model 45 Model 909.004
Model 12R Model 85 Model 909.112
Model 14R Model 309 Model 909.114
Model 15R Model 125 Model 909.115
Model 18R Model 90 Model 909.118
Model 22R n/a Model 909.122

2. Where and how are the shopping carts shipped?

  • Cart Source has experience shipping shopping carts to every province and territory within Canada, as well as internationally.  Shopping carts are shipped by truck and/or railcar and double stacked to conserve space and reduce cost.  We use reputable carriers and we always try to source the best freight prices for our customers.  We can provide you with a freight quote and arrange the freight.  Customers arranging their own freight simply need to notify our shipping department with carrier details and we will contact them and arrange a pick up appointment. 


Should you have any shipping questions, please forward all inquiries to shipping@cartsource.ca and they will be addressed as soon as possible.

3. Can Cart Source customize the handle with my store logo?

  • Yes and at no extra cost.  The handle of your shopping cart is what your customer will see and touch most in your store.  Cart Source would like to ensure that your logo is properly represented on the shopping carts.  All shopping cart handles are printed in full colour and are UV protected to avoid fading.  We simply require your logo artwork to brand your carts with YOUR LOGO in full colour.

4.   What is the minimum order for shopping carts?

  • The minimum order at Cart Source is one shopping cart.  We value all of our customers whether they are a small convenience store or a large retail chain of stores.  We are committed to providing unparalleled service to each and every customer.


5.  Does Cart Source offer a choice of finishes?

  • Our shopping carts are available in a zinc plated finish with a clear poly coat protective coating, or an extremely durable polyester finish that has been proven in retail environments worldwide.  The polyester finish is available in grey, red, yellow, orange, blue, or green.  We will also customize a colour to meet your specific needs.   Minimum quantities are required for custom colours.


6.  What colour can I order the plastic pieces?

  • The plastic components on a Cart Source shopping cart are available in a variety of colours.  These colours include grey, red, yellow, orange, blue, or green.  We will also customize a colour to meet your specific needs.  Minimum quantities are required for custom colours.


7.  Does Cart Source take trade-ins?

  • Yes, we will purchase carts from your existing fleet as trade-ins.  However, the distance from our warehouse in Vaughan be a factor when buying trade-in carts as the cost of freight must be considered.  We will work with every customer to help maximize the return on any trade-in shopping carts.


8.  Does Cart Source sell shopping cart replacement parts?

  • Cart Source offers all shopping cart replacement parts including wheels, leg hole closures, bumpers, seat belts, handles, locking devices, etc.  Simply email our customer service department at sales@cartsource.ca or call 1.888.849.2994, and we will help you determine which parts you need for your shopping carts.

9.  Can Cart Source recommend a cart service company in my area?

  • Yes, over the years Cart Source has sourced a number of reliable cart repair companies across the country.


10.  Does Cart Source offer coin operated locking devices?

  • Yes, our coin operated locking device is available for deposit of 25c, $1 or $2 coins.  The Cart Source locking device is much more affordable than all other locking devices currently available and is extremely reliable and durable.  The Cart Source locks can supplement your current fleet as they function with some other brands of locks.

11.  I don't see my cart model on your site - do you sell my size?

  • It is quite likely that we offer a cart that will nest with your current fleet of shopping carts.  If you don’t see your specific model or aren’t sure if the model on the site coincides with the carts in your store, just send us and e-mail at sales@cartsource.ca or call at 1-888-849-2994, and one of our customer service reps will be happy to help determine what size you have and offer the Cart Source solution.

12. Does Cart Source accept credit card payments?

  • Yes, for your convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.



Please e-mail any additional questions to sales@cartsource.ca
or call 1-888-849-2994.