Cart Source has a simple singular goal of providing value to our customers through their shopping cart and related product purchases.  Cart Source measures success by accepting orders from new and repeat customers alike, knowing that each order must be executed with extreme commitment to excellence.  The Cart Source infrastructure of people, products and processes are cornerstones to delivering on that goal.

The extended team at Cart Source work in different capacities to ensure that our shopping cart and related product offering is of superior quality, delivered on time, and performs seamlessly in the retail environment of our customers.

From our President, who holds a MBA from Queen’s University and over 20 years experience in the shopping cart industry, to the 350 employees on the factory floor, who earned ISO 9001:2000 certification, you can be sure everyone has our customers’ needs in mind as the driving force of our business decisions.

Cart Source originally committed to offering 6 models of shopping carts to the Canadian market.  These original six model sizes represent greater than three quarters of the entire market make up.  However, our customers have requested that we manufacture additional models for their specific use, and we accepted that opportunity to build on our product line.  We now offer 15 models of shopping carts and we are eager to make new models under direction from our customers.

In addition to Cart Source’s line of shopping carts we also offer a supporting line of products necessary to the retail environment.  This related line of products include;  shopping cart locks, child seat belts, hand baskets, hand basket stands, and shopping cart replacement parts.  Just ask and we may offer what you need.

Cart Source has put the processes in place both in manufacturing/quality control and through customer support to provide our company with a competitive advantage. 

Our products are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility to exacting parameters.  This ensures that each cart is manufactured to perform with unparalleled reliability and our quality control standards ensure that the reliability is present throughout the life of the product.

Customer Support is an imperative part of the equation.  Cart Source has experience shipping shopping carts to all provinces and both territories in Canada.  We will work closely with our customers to ensure that we carry the right inventory to ship the right product at the right time.

Through our people, products and processes, we at Cart Source are confident that we will deliver on our customers shopping cart and related product needs.  However, we realize that our people must continue to learn, our product line must continue to grow and our processes must continue to be refined to ensure that our successful growth matches that of our customers.  We, at Cart Source, are committed to meeting the needs of today’s retailers and mass merchandisers with our shopping carts and we are committed to evolving to ensure that we are prepared to meet our customer’s needs tomorrow as well.